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Phyto Pro Collagen Booster

Collagen powders – there is so much hype around them at the moment, and SO many opinions. But most doctors I have spoken to say that most won’t make a massive difference to your skin. 

The types that you need to take in order to see any difference are so expensive due to their manufacturing techniques. And then there is the problem of most of them being unsuitable for vegetarian and vegans.

Well, the clever kids at Phyto Pro have taken all these issues away with the launch of their Collagen Booster.

Instead of delivering whole collagen, which needs a fair amount of energy to breakdown into its constituent parts for the body to use beneficially, the Collagen Booster offers the nutritional co-factors that your body requires to build its own healthy, resilient collagen – it helps the body help itself.

While providing your body with actual collagen will help to some extent, this way, your body will be learning to and be able to create its own. The formula contains an amino acid complex that contains glycine and proline, which together make up 50% of collagen’s main components, as well as co-factors, like Vitamin C that help the body produce collagen. It is 100% vegan, is Kosher and Halaal certified and is free from anything artificial.

I’ve used a full tub’s worth so far, and have noticed a HUGE difference in my joints and have began to see a difference in my skin. This is the thing with collagen – your body will send it to wherever needs it most, in my case, my joints. Once each area is working well, it will move onto the next. Our skin is often the last area to noticeably benefit from collagen. But, if you are noticing a difference in your skin, it means the rest of your body already has enough.

You take it by mixing one level scoop in a glass of water (or juice) and drinking on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before a meal. I take mine in the morning, just as I get up.  The orange fruit powder means that it tastes just fine on its own, and I haven’t found the need to add it to juice.

If you want to get rid of those early morning aches and pains, and have plumper skin, you can get your Collagen Booster for R380 from the Phyto Pro website.

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