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Nuxe Exfoliating + Unifying Insta-Masque

When I read ‘2 beauty benefits in just 2 minutes’ on the press release of Nuxe’s new Insta-Masques, I was sold.

There are 3 masks in the collection: Detoxifying + Glow with Rose Floral Water and Botanical Charcoal, Purifying + Smoothing with Rose Floral Water and Kaolin, and, my favourite, Exfoliating + Unifying with Rose Floral Water and Macadamia Oil.

The soft scrub-like mask (the ‘scrub’ bit is non-abrasive micro-grains of silica) gently exfoliates the skin to deliver a luminous complexion, while the Macadamia Oil hydrates and nourishes.

You simply apply the pretty pink formula to the face, wait 2 minutes and massage to emulsify, then rinse. It literally delivers a glowing complexion in just 2 minutes, and who wouldn’t want that?

The masks are R330 each for 50ml tubs and are available at Nuxe couters countrywide.