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I’m so happy to be sharing yet another incredible local skin care brand with you, and it may just be the local version of The Ordinary that we’ve all be waiting for! Yes, really!

The brand comprises of 15, targeted products (mainly serums) that address specific skin concerns, all at incredible good price points. Skin care freaks will love the fact that on their website they state, ‘Each product contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving no room for redundancy. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results.’ Nothing unnecessary has been added – just what the formula needs to improve your skin.

When they approached me to review their range, the first thing they did was ask me what my skincare needs were – you won’t believe how rare this is when people send me skincare. I get sent products for severely acne-prone, oily skin…what exactly I’m meant to do with it is beyond me.

From that info, they put together a trio of product for me to target my main concerns – pigmentation and fine lines. I’ve been using all 3 for just under 4 weeks now, and am SO impressed. I have a few other products from the range that I’m going to add to my routine once I’ve finished a few other products I’m currently testing.

First up is the Exfoliating Glow Tonic 6% Glycolic Tonic (R250 for 100ml).  They said to use this both morning and evening, but I stuck to just evening, as I find the glycolic gets a bit much after a while, and I don’t like applying glycolic with my daily antioxidants. It’s a great daily exfoliator that left my skin glowing and smooth (obviously avoid if you’re sensitive to glycolic).

The Dark Mark Management 2% Alpha Arbutin (R240 for30ml) is what I’ve been using for my pigmentation. Alpha Arbutin is a plant extract that has been hailed the safe alternative to hydroquinone in treating uneven skin tone. This serum has a fairly liquid texture and is slightly yellow in colour.  It absorbs very quickly and there was no reaction at all when I applied it. They recommended applying it as my first serum both morning and evening, which I did. And after 4 weeks, my pigmentation is SO much better. I know I test a lot of pigmentation treatments, and so many of them give great results, which would make you think I wouldn’t need to treat it anymore, but pigmentation treatment is an on-going thing, so I keep testing…

The last product they sent is probably my favourite. The Anti-Oxidant Complexion Firmer 10% Ascorbic Acid + 3% Ferulic Acid (R260 for 30ml) is a much oiler texture than the Dark Mark Management, so it gets applied afterwards. Man, this stuff is good – an anti-oxidant powerhouse! I noticed the collagen boosting effects of the Vitamin C, and Ferulic is one of my favourite antioxidants (and this is very nearly a TENTH of the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic –yes, I said TENTH.) I only used this in the morning as I feel I only need the antioxidant boost during the day.

I did experience that slight warming sensation as I put it on (I get it with the SkinCeuticals one, too), but it quickly dies down and the formula absorbs after a few minutes. I then applied my Elizabeth Arden Great 8 sunscreen over the top, and I was good to go.

Guys, this brand is so exciting! We finally have access to results-driven, no nonsense skincare at decent prices here in SA. Please pop over to their site and browse their range. I want to try the Exfoliating Facial 1 10% Lactic Acid + 3% B5 (R230), Vitamin A 0.5% Retinol (R270). Oh, who am I kidding? I’m probably going to try it all… Let me know which products you try,


  • Meki

    I am using Vitamin A 0.5% Retinol at night and 10% Ascorbic Acid and 3% Ferulic Acid for daytime. The glow is amazing but be warned not to use these products at the same time, it can do opposite in your skin. Retinol for nighttime routine and Ascorbic acid for daytime routine.

    • Rouge Beauty Girl

      Hi Meki

      Yes, it can cause a reaction, but if your skin is fine with it, keep doing it. I use vitamin C and ferulic during the day and retinol at night, too. I think it is doing wonders for my skin! So many people have opinions, and everyone’s skin is different, so if it’s working for you, why change it? If it ain’t broke…

  • Evan Eiselen

    I have exceptionally dry skin and have been using the Hydration juice serum as well as the Biphasic facial oil for almost a week now. I’m in love with the brand, every single ingredient included has a purpose and is good for your skin. It’s been six days and my skin looks visibly better, I will most definitely keep on supporting them, and I can’t wait to see what products they will develop as the brand grows. And to top it all off, they’re a local brand, I mean what more could you want?!

    • Rouge Beauty Girl

      Exactly! They are a great brand.
      I’ve also just started using the Hydration Juice, and it’s incredible!
      Thank you for sharing, Evan ?

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