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Review | Nuxe Bio Organic

Nuxe is further increasing its green credentials with the launch of their new skincare range, Bio Organic.

The Ecocert-certified range harnesses not only the best organic ingredients, but utilizes the best green technologies for the most effective method of extraction for each ingredient. This allows the final product to be highly effective, but with a reduced environmental impact. 

The whole range is endorsed by The Vegan Society and all the scents in the products boast 100% of natural origin formulas. Nothing is tested on animals and all the rinse-off formulas are biodegradable. As a final step, almost all of the packaging can be recycled, and as many recycled materials as possible have been used in the manufacturing processes.

I was kindly sent 3 products from the range to try, and here are my thoughts.

Buckwheat Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Dark Circles Reviving Eye Care (R595)

I haven’t used many eye creams, as I find that my regular face products work just as well around my eyes (granted I don’t have sensitive eyes). But, as I was sent this one, I obviously tried it.

Its rich balm-like texture absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly hydrating the area. Buckwheat extract is known not only for its moisturising properties, but also its ability to drain and detox the skin, helping to reduce puffiness. Vitamin E has been added to offer antioxidant protection to the delicate area.

I’ve used almost half the pot, and my eye area is far less tired and sallow-looking.

Fruit Stone Powder Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Mask (R495)

This is another type of formula that I usually steer clear of – I’m not normally a fan of physical exfoliators, but as this is a powder, I thought I’d give it a try.

Instead of the usual granules, this formula contains apricot kernel powder, which is far gentler on the skin. For the ultimate exfoliation, there is also a chemical component in the form of botanical-origin salicylic acid.

You apply it to damp skin, leave for 3 minutes for the acid to work its magic, then gently massage for the apricot kernel powder to remove the left-over dead skin.

I’ve used it twice a week for about a month now, and it has made a huge difference to my congested nose and chin areas. If you have congested skin, this will alleviate it in no time.

Lastly, my favourite, the Hazelnut Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil (R650)

This is just an exquisite blend of organic botanical oils. The hero is cold pressed hazelnut oil, rich in essential fatty acids, it delivers immediate and intense nourishment.

Sesame, safflower and sunflower oils are also included to provide further hydration and antioxidant protection. 

My only complaint about this is that it doesn’t come in a bigger bottle.

In addition to these 3 products, there is also an Essential Antioxidant Serum (R795), Skin Correcting Moisturising Fluid (R785), Glow Rich Moisturising Cream (R785), Ultimate Night Recovery Oil (R795), Micellar Cleansing Water (R345), and Radiance Detox Mask (R495). You can get your hands on the range at selected Woolworths stores, as well as online here.