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Life Day Spa Lomi Lomi massage

Life Day Spa offers an ancient massage technique called Lomi Lomi. The words ‘lomi lomi’ are Hawaiian for massage.


Although Lomi Lomi is considered a Hawaiian technique, it was actually brought to the islands by the ancient Polynesians. It was seen as a vital spiritual part of everyday life, and was enjoyed by all members of society from children to chiefs.

The techniques used in the Lomi Lomi massage have been developed to calm and relax the recipient, clearing their minds, so that they can rejuvenate their soul. The massage focuses on the back of the body – as this is where we carry the most stress and tightness.

The massage therapist uses long, continuous wave-like movements that boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. The long continuous movements are achieved because, unlike other massages, the Lomi Lomi therapist uses not only her fingers and palms, but also her forearms and elbows to perform the massage. This is done so that the Lomi Lomi can release any energy blockages; by improving blood flow in the area, and ultimately restoring the body. The therapist will also gently stretch your legs and arms to release tight muscles.

The Lomi Lomi is performed using frangipani oil. Life Day Spa chose frangipani for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, as well as its soothing scent, which compliments the calming effect of Lomi Lomi. Because of the long, sweeping movements, one side of your body is left exposed at a time, so your therapist will ensure that the room is kept at warm temperature.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes, cost R460 and regular sessions can be used to treat chronic stress.

Life Day Spa is situated in the Crystal Towers Hotel at Century City. Visit their site for more info.


  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Sumi

    You apply your serum before cream – don’t mix them together. You apply the serum, wait a few minutes and then apply your cream.

    Hope this helps?

  • Yasaman

    I have a silly Q
    You mean i shouldnt wash my face after applyin face serum??
    I always wash it!!

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Yasaman

    No, why are you washing your face after applying serum? You’re washing away the product.
    It needs to stay on your face overnight, or throughout the day in order to work. It has to penetrate your skin to be able to help it.

    Hope this makes sense?