Green find – Soylites Body Bar

SoyLites Body Bar is a quirky green find.

It’s a body moisturizer that comes in bar form. Yes, bar form. It is made out of natural oils, chosen for their moisturizing and nourishing properties.

How it works is that the bar ‘melts’ form the heat from your skin. So to use it, you hold it in your hands for a few moments, then rub over any areas of your body that need moisturising.

I found it best to do this just after showering, as your body will still be very warm, making it easier to apply.

It comes packaged in a cute tin, which you need to store it in to maintain its freshness. There are two variants to choose from: the Beauty Body Bar is made from organic rosehip and jojoba oils, shea butter and pure soy wax. The African Winter Body Bar contains organic baobab and coconut oils, avocado oil, tea tree and lemon essential oils and pure soy wax.

They cost R85.50 each, and you can get them here.

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