Root Nutrition by Kimberly Grace

For all of my whining about there not being enough choice for ethnic skin and hair in this country, I’ve been sent some great products recently.

Hair, it would seem, is the fastest-growing sector within the ethnic market. Don’t hold me to this, but I have seen a huge increase in the number of new launches in this category.

The latest is from a local brand called Kimberly Grace, and is called Root Nutrition, R200.

It is a leave-in treatment for the scalp and roots. It contains a host of active ingredients to prevent hair loss, stimulate new growth, help prevent dandruff, and prevents itchy scalps.

You can order it from their website.


  • Emily Strydom

    Hi I have psiorisis and I believe this Kimberly Grace Nutrition helps with the itchy scalp how do I get hold of it??



  • noms

    Is it possible to order on line.
    My hair is loosing its density so much, getting very light but long , too much dandruff also and hairline lesson one side.
    I’m in KZN