The new face of YSL La Nuit de L’Homme

Now for a bit of news that you probably won’t care about until you see the picture below.

Yves Saint Laurent’s cult fragrance, La Nuit de L’Homme has a new face, and this is it:

See, told you! Yes, the gorgeous Garrett Hedlund is the new handsome face of this hugely popular scent. Don’t worry – I had no idea who that was either, but a quick Google led to a ‘Oh him!’ moment. He played the stupid cousin who got himself killed in Troy and the main guy in Tron Legacy.

This is what the peeps at YS had to say about the collaboration: “Yves Saint Laurent expresses a unique style between elegance and freedom, sophistication and daring. The brand embodies the spirit of a very strong and virile man, who also assumes his great sensitivity. GARRETT HEDLUND expresses this duality to perfection. He has also taken on some real cinematic challenges which show a man with a strong personality fully assuming his choices and convictions”.

Funny, because all we say is; “A match made in heaven.”

You’ll find the fragrance at all good retailers in 60ml EDT for R745 and 100ml EDT for R1050.

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