Neydharting Moor Regenerating Night Cream

Neydharting Moor Regenerating Night Cream for Face and Neck, R980.

What they say: A rich, ultra-hydrating and powerful antioxidant night cream infused with the remarkable power of Neydharting Peat & Peat Water and bioactive Super-27 anti-aging complex. A firming and rejuvenating night time moisturizer for face and neck that fights the signs of aging.

What we say: I adore Moor skincare. I have used their Intense Body Cream every single day since it was launched. Read all about the brand here.

I have been using this night cream for a few weeks now, and the results are remarkable! My skin feels like a baby’s bottom – soft and plump like you wouldn’t believe.

I have also noticed a marked improvement in the depth of the fine lines on my neck, and the ones on my forehead are gone. I fear they were from dehydration, so the cream does its job on that front too.

I’ve also been applying it to my sun-damaged décolletage that seemed to be getting worse, even though I haven’t sat in the sun for over a decade. Never, ever underestimate the damage you do to you skin as a kid! I can happily report that the cream has done wonders there too! My skin tone is much more even and the wrinkles from sleeping on my side have diminished greatly.

Ok, so I know some of you will gawp at the price, but I think it’s worth every single rand!


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