Azzaro Twin Women

Today I’m wearing Azzaro Twin Women 50ml, R495 and 80ml, R595.

I currently have so many fragrances hanging around to test; I literally don’t have enough skin. Just you wait and see – the site is going to be heavily scented over the next few months. I know that’s a problem most of you would want, but nevertheless, it’s one I have.

Today is the turn of Azzaro’s latest limited edition, Twin. The packaging is strange; I’ll give you that. I don’t think they were going for the sex toy look, but it’s what they got. It’s meant to be, in their words; “The image of yin and yang. Twin symbolizes the harmony, complementariy and duality that drives a close knit couple.” The Women version is white, and the Man one black. Those of you who know about the concept of Yin-yang will know that they have it the wrong way round. Yin is female and black and Yang is male and white, but anyway, you get the drift.

Regardless of what it comes in, I love the scent. Notes include peach, almond tree flower, rose, musk and iris. It settles well on my skin, and has a soft, lingering scent that lasts all day.


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