PureLogical launches in SA

Collagen. We all know about it, have heard a million different things about it. Now we have a range entirely dedicated to it.

PureLogical has recently launched into 8 Edgars stores. Hailing from the UK, the brand is based on the fact that collagen has been proved to be the most vital amino acid in the fight against aging and is the most abundant protein within the body – accounting for a massive 75% of your skin, hair, nails and joint tissue. So it makes perfect sense that we take care of our cologne levels. Sadly, our collagen levels drop by a scary 1.5% every year from the age of 25, which means I’ve lost 7.5% of my collagen already. Eeep!

But, there is good news at the end of this depleted collagen tunnel, you can replace lost collagen, and maintain that level by using a combination of oral and topical supplements. This is where PureLogical’s pure hydrolised marine collagen comes in. Hydrolised is a big word, but it means that it is highly soluble – meaning your body can absorb it easily.

There are just 7 products in the range, which I love. How confusing is it when you 26 different choices? The range consists of a Tri-Peptide Cleanser, R715; Cellular Renewal Face Wash, R715; Intelligent Toner, R715; Super Anti-oxidant Moisturiser, 835; Anti-Gravity Regenerating Serum, R910; Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask, R965; and finally, a 90 capsule box of Collagen Peptide Skin Supplement, R650.

Note on the supplements: I must tell you that while the collagen in the tablets is marine collagen (no cow hooves here), the capsules they are in do contain hooves (gelatin), so are not suitable for veggies. They tell me that you can open the capsule, and just drop the contents into some water, and take it as a shot. Yes, I know, baffles me too, but it is what it is. I did bring it up with them, so hopefully a ‘Vegicap’ version is on the way.

You’ll find the range at these Edgars stores: Gateway, VnA Waterfront, Sandton City, Eastgate, Melrose Arch, Clearwater Mall, Woodlands Boulevard and Blackheath Cresta.

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