What is Flamboyage?

A lot of you have been asking me about Flamboyage. I mentioned it a few months ago, but didn’t give you too much detail. Here’s the down low…


Created by hair brand, Davines, Flamboyage is the future of highlights and colouring. Carlton Hair has brought it into the country, and it is taking the Republic by storm. David Gillson from Carlton gave me a basic explanation of how and why Flamboyage is better than traditional colouring methods.

It basically is a sticky strip that is used to grab random sections of hair to be coloured. This gives a gorgeous natural pattern of highlights. By the same token it can be used for very precise colouring, as the stickiness keeps the hair in place, rather than it sliding around on those bits of tin foil.

Once the hair has been ‘grabbed’, the colour is applied, and then the strip is folded in half, locking your hair in between. The colour sits fro the same amount of time, and rinsed the same way. But the results are incredible!

Here is a video that might help you understand a bit better:

You’ll find the Flamboyage colour service at Carlton Hair salons nationwide. Pop over to their site to find your nearest salon.

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