Choose the correct hair colour for your skin tone

I had a mail from a reader last week who wanted to change her hair colour, but was unsure on which colours would work with her skin tone.

I’m sure a lot of you are unsure of the rules on how to pick the right colour for you. So here’s a rough guideline.

First of all you need to know if your skin tone is warm or cool.

If you have golden, olive or dark skin with dark eyes, you have a warm skin tone. Your skin tans easily, and the veins on your inner wrists are green.

If your skin is fair with blue or green eyes, you burn easily and the veins on your wrists are blue, your skin is cool.

Now that you know your tone, you can choose your shades.

Warm skins can go for golden shades like caramel and bronze. If you want a natural look, try and keep the hair colour darker than your skin colour. If you want to go lighter than your skin colour, I would advise getting this done at a salon, as it can go wrong easily.

If you are a cool tone go for ash blondes and cool browns (ones without copper or gold in them).

These are just general guidelines, it’s not set in stone, so another way to check if a colour will work is to have a look at the colour swatches you’ll find at your hairdresser. Hold them up to your face, and see how it looks against your skin tone. Does it wash the colour out of your face, or does it make you look healthy and radiant? Once you find your colour, you can them either have it done in the salon, or take the shade number, and find a box dye of the same colour.

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