How to get the hair you want

Pantene’s leading international hair expert and trichologist, Dr John Gray provides insights into the myths and truths behind beautiful hair.  

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Not only do we want her face, body and life, we also want her hair!

The first and most important fact about hair is that there are no quick fixes and if we don’t get to the root of the problem our locks will never be as luscious as we would like them to be. So what can we do to bring back the shine, remove the dryness and restore our tresses to their former glory? Hair guru and internationally acclaimed trichologist, Dr John Gray dispels the myths and tells us the simple truth about how to have beautiful hair. Try Pantene’s Repair and Protect range.

How to turn the hair you have into the hair you want

Myth: Modern shampoos damage hair by removing the sebum.

Truth: “While the sebum is removed, modern shampoos prevent oiliness and do not damage one’s locks. Hair cannot be the same all over and as a result different areas of your tresses require different treatment. This is especially the case if your hair has been damaged by bleaching, heat or environmental factors. Make an honest assessment of what is needed from root to tip, condition often, trim your hair every six weeks and you’ll be well on your way to having the hair you’ve always wanted.” explains Dr Gray. Try using treatments to combat your concerns. He recommends Pantene’s Moisture Renewal Range for dry hair. I’ve been using and LOVING their Protect and Shine range for my colour treated hair!!

Pantene Protect and Shine

Myth: You can repair split ends permanently.

Truth: “Split ends are the result of the final breakdown of hair protein. You may be able to gum-up split ends temporarily but there is no quick fix. Prevention is better than cure, so be sure to condition the last three to four inches of your hair where the problem usually lies. Remember that the hair at your crown is new and the hair at your shoulders is at least three years old, which is why it is vital to concentrate your conditioning efforts on the ends using a suitable product,” advises Dr Gray. I use Pantene’s Split Ends Mender, R66.99 to keep my locks split end free.

Myth: Stress affects the condition of our hair.

Truth: According to Dr Gray the more processing our hair undergoes, with drying, tinting and straightening remaining the usual suspects, the more damage takes place from root to tip. Stress has nothing to do with it. “A simple truth that can change the condition of your hair is the use of a hair mask once or twice a week depending on levels of dryness. I adore Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Mask, R350 and Pantene’s 2 Minute Intensive Moisture Masque, R66.99.