Some dark, handsome Italians for you…

For over 100 years, Italian fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna has been dressing well-heeled men around the world.


Now the cheers and whoops of hipsters you can hear up and down Kloof street is the news that today sees the relaunch of the brand’s fragrances into South Africa. The brand was around a few years ago, but was kept very underground and low key. I have no idea why, as I have never liked SO many male scents from one house before.

The house has 6 fragrances in their stable, but for the meantime, we’ll have to cope with the presence of Essenze and Colonia on our shores. Thankfully the sporty scents of Z Zegna; the mysterious appeal of Zegna Intenso; the strength of Zegna Forte; and the brand new charisma of Uomo will keep us occupied for a while.

Quality is non-negotiable at Zegna; each garment they create is touched by now fewer than 500 pairs of hands from shearing the sheep to being displayed on the store floor. They see themselves as a full service offering, “from fabric to fashion to fragrance”, is how they describe their services. (Side note: In case you were wondering, I have it on good, Italian, authority that the correct way to pronounce the name is “her-me-ne-jeal-doe  zen-ya)


Z Zegna
Zegna Intenso
Zegna Forte

The new boy in town, Uomo is “an ode to passionate living.” Now that’s an idea that I’m more than happy to offer my acquiescence to. Violet, cedarwood and vetiver make-up the key notes, but my favourite note (ever) is the Bergamot that is grown in Zegna own orchids.


Zegna Uomo

You’ll find the fragrances in leading retailers from today in the following sizes:

Z Zegna, Zegna Intenso and Zegna Forte EDTs in 50ml, R650 and 100ml, R850. Zegna Uomo EDT is available in 30ml, R550; 50ml, R725 and 100ml, R945.

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