How to get the most out of your face mask

Using a face mask once or twice a week will do wonders for your complexion.

Choose one designed for your skin type or concern. They will help reduce excess oil, deeply hydrate, reduce blackheads and nourish the skin. But, if you don’t do your prep, your efforts will be for nothing.

I love Skin Republic masks
I love Skin Republic masks
  1. Get your hair out of your face. Either tie it up into a tight ponytail or use a hair band to ensure that all of your hair is away you’re your face.
  2. Create the canvas. Masks are developed to penetrate the skin, and remove toxins. They can’t do this if your skin is dirty or rough. Thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating your face and neck before you apply your mask will ensure that you get the most out of it. Once you’re fresh faced, make sure your skin is dry.
  3. Application. If you are using a cloth mask, then just lay it gently over your face, then press down to make sure it is in complete contact with your face. If you are using a cream, gel or mud mask, the best way to apply it is with your fingers. Squeeze out enough into your palm and use your fingers to apply it. Start on your forehead, then work down the nose and across the cheeks, finishing with your chin and neck. (Our necks are often neglected, so make-up for it by treating it to a mask at the same time as your face.) Make sure to leave your lip and eye area clean – most masks are not designed to treat these delicate areas.
  4. Wait. It goes without saying that you should wait the specified time. While you wait, try not to make any facial expressions (we know it’s difficult not to laugh at your green face, but please try). We find it’s best to lie down for the allotted time with our eyes closed.
  5. Finish. Once your time is up, rinse the mask off using warm (not hot) water. Make sure you rinse well to remove all traces of the mask. Pat your skin dry and apply your regular serums and creams over the top. If you’re using a cloth mask, then don’t rinse. Instead use a tissue to gently blot-off any excess product.