What’s New at Clicks

Clicks have 3 new products on their ‘What’s New’ shelves this month.

 Hand Chemistry

First up is Hand Chemistry Hand Cream, R300.

Using a combination of next generation ingredients, Hand Chemistry targets the eight signs of hand ageing simultaneously for visibly younger looking hands in just 10 days. Hand Chemistry contains Biological GHK complex which proved more effective than collagen in reducing wrinkles, decreasing wrinkle depth by 15%. A biotechnological derivative of the mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocap which has shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid, is contained in this hand lotion. Furthermore, skin moisture content can be increased by 11% in just 12 hours thanks to the inclusion of an algae ferment, this incredible increase equates to 21% in 24 hours and 32% in 30 days. Dark spots are also not a problem with Plantago Lanceolata that helps dramatically lighten any problem areas.

Fountain Supplements

The next two are both beauty supplements from Fountain.

Beauty Molecule

The Beauty Molecule, R300 contains the potent beauty molecule, Resveratrol, which is found in grape skins and Japanese knotweed. Resveratrol is known for its ability to literally slow down and delay the ageing process, and now it is available in liquid form. Taking just one spoonful of it daily can delay the ageing process from the inside out. Resveratrol actively encourages the replication of normal cells within the body causing cells to divide at a slower pace that extends the life span of cells and delays ageing. Fountain includes the highly potent antioxidant, Black Carrot, as well as the superstar of anti-ageing, Hyaluronic Acid. It contains natural pomegranate to sweeten the flavour.

Hyaluronic Molecule

The Hyaluronic Molecule, R300, contains the anti-ageing wonder, hyaluronic acid that is famed for its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. The Hyaluronic Molecule lubricates and cushions your joints and provides a natural support structure to the dermis. As the body loses its natural hyaluronic acid, joints are prone to stiffness and the skin becomes dehydrated. The Hyaluronic Molecule counteracts this process by encouraging your body to hold on to its natural moisture, replenishing from the inside out. This incredible elixir hydrates the internal tissue cushioning the joints and leaves you feeling more hydrated than ever. A hint of ginger improves absorption and adds to the flavour.