Johnson’s Hydration Essentials

Johnson’s introduces oil free hydration for oily skin. 

Johnsons Hydration Essentials

Yes, you read correctly, hydration for oily skin. Believe it or not, you can have oily skin that is dehydrated. Oil doesn’t necessarily equate to hydration, so you can excess oil on the surface of you’re your skin, but the deep layers of you skin can be lacking moisture.

With this in mind, Johnson’s has created Hydration Essentials with ocean minerals to lock in moisture for 24 hours without leaving the skin greasy.

There are 3 products in the range:

2-in1 Facial Gel/Mask, R59.95, acts as both a daily moisturiser and twice-weekly mask as a moisture boost.

Cleansing Wipes, R47.95, are alcohol-free, non-irritating and suitable for the eye area (and are great at removing waterproof mascara).

Facial Cleanser, R47.95, deeply cleanses the skin whilst helping to maintain a healthy moisture balance within the skin.

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