Babor Spa Balancing Cashmere Wood Set

Babor Spa Balancing Cashmere Wood Set

BaborLate last year I was reintroduced to luxury skincare brand, Babor. Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen their spectacular advent calendar that had my skin glowing in just 24 days.

At the same meeting, they gave me this body spa set to try. The Balancing Cashmere Wood is a collection from their spa range. This is a travel set, but you can get your hands on the full size products on their site

As with everything Babor, the packaging is perfect. Every product from the brand is stored in classic, simple and elegant jars and bottles.

My set contains a 200ml Soothing Body Lotion, 50ml Soothing Body Oil, 50ml Soothing Shower Milk and 25g Soothing Massage Candle. All of the products have the same warm, woody scent that calms and comforts the senses.
Babor Spa

The Shower Milk is delicate and soothing, and leaves you skin soft and oh so smooth.

The Body Oil is a cross between a regular and a dry oil. It has the nourishing, hydrating properties of a rich oil, but absorbs into the skin like a dry oil. Your skin instantly looks and feels plumper.

The Body Lotion is light and quite liquid, even for a lotion. But this means that is spread really well and absorbs in a flash to leave your skin smooth and nourished.

The candle is my favourite product in the set. It may be tiny, but it has such an incredible scent payoff, without being over powering. If I light it in the bedroom, the scent fills the whole cottage in a matter of minutes.

The full sized products aren’t cheap, but worth every penny just for their luxury. Few people will be able to sue them every day, but treating yourself every now and then will make you feel like you’ve spent the day at a spa.


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