label.m Heat Protection Spray

label.m Heat Protection Spray, R255

label.m Heat Protection Spray

What they say: label.m Heat Protection Spray is the latest innovation in heat protection technology. Applied to wet or dry hair, this professionally formulated, pre-styling spray lets you create individual, fashion-led styles with expert protection.

Apply to damp hair before blow drying or spray on dry hair before using heated appliances such as straighteners or tongs.

What I say: There have really only ever been two heat protectors for me, ghd Heat Protect Spray and FHI Heat Hot Sauce, that was until this one entered my life.

I like the fact that’s it’s a spray (Hot Sauce’s down fall) and I life the nozzle even more (the ghd one tends to clog very easily), so this does application better than the other two. I also like that it can be used with the same results on both wet and dry hair. Up until now, I have used Hot Sauce on wet hair and Heat Protect Spray on dry hair.

The formula is light and not at all sticky – the main reason I love the other two products so much. Most heat protection sprays seem to work on the assumption that heat cannot penetrate glue, in some cases, to such an extent that you have to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of it. This is not the case at all the label.m.

It left no trace after wet or dry styling and left my hair soft, silky and shiny after every use. Two thumbs up, label.m.




  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Bev

    Many Heat Protection products don’t state how high they protect to. But generally they will protect up to 200 degrees, and honestly you really shouldn’t be using heat any higher than that on your hair anyway.