Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara

Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara in Blackest Black, R189

What they say: This ultimate mascara gives four benefits in one product: massive volume, length, definition and conditioning keratin, making the quest for the perfect mascara easy.

The innovative formula helps lashes look fuller and longer while the brush fans out lashes for a perfectly separated look in just one easy coat. Infused with keratin, each lash application delivers the ultimate nourishment and protection for added lash benefits, and is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

What I say: This really is my kind of mascara. I can’t stand faffing around with numerous coats. If it can’t be done in one (or two at the ABSOLUTE max), it won’t happen, and I’ll get rid of the offending tube immediately.


This one is fabulous! It does what it says on the box. I have the regular black shade, but there is a brown and a black waterproof version, which I’d like to try.

Without on the left and one coat on the right.
Without on the left and one coat on the right.

It really delivers on the length and definition fronts, but I don’t find it especially volumising. Don’t get me wrong, it does volumise, but not of the scale of, say, Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express – I reckon that would be a two coat job, which detracts from what the name promises. The lack of volume doesn’t bother me, though as I love everything else about it. So if it’s mega-volume you’re after, this isn’t the mascara for you. But for those of us who want a great everyday mascara that won’t dry out or damage your lashes, this is a winner!

As I said, I would like to try the waterproof version, but just because I love waterproof mascaras.