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{ Review } Environ Intensive Colostrum Gel

Environ Intensive Colostrum Gel, R328

What they say: Especially effective for mature and sun-damaged skin, this creamy serum soothes and hydrates. Containing a combination of immune boosters and growth factors, vitamins and minerals, it provides essential nutrition, leaving your skin looking and feeling revitalized and youthful.

What I say: I need to address the obvious first: yes, this does contain animal ingredients, so vegans should look for their skin boosters elsewhere.

The colostrum is derived from cow’s milk, (which is quite similar in composition to human milk). It isn’t milk as we know it, but a clearer liquid that is created in all mammals in the last part of pregnancy. It is known for providing antibodies to newborn mammals, almost as a disease protection booster. It is very high in protein, too, is great for cell regeneration.

I’ve been using this for just over a month, and have seen great results. It is targeted to older skins, but my skin is prone to pigmentation and severe dryness, so thought I’d get away with it.

It has changed the texture of my skin – it feels softer and looks plumper and fresher. It’s a strange one, as I can’t tell you exactly what it is that has changed, but my skin definitely looks better than before.

The fine lines on my forehead are much less noticeable, and my pigmentation has decreased. (This is a bonus because I’ve had to stop using retinol and salicylic acids while I’m pregnant).

If your skin is looking lack-lustre and feeling a little tired, this is a great booster to get your glow back.