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Catrice Summer Update

Catrice has some wonderful new releases this season, and they sent me a few to play with.

I’m going to start with the product I didn’t get on with, and it’s sadly the Matt & Glow Powder and Wax Brow Palette in Now fLASH Lights (R90). Man, I really wanted to love this, but found the colours a bit muddy and way too dark for my brows (I have quite dark brows, so that’s saying something). The texture of the matt powder and the wax is fantastic, though, just wish they were lighter. The idea is to run the wax through your brows, and then fill them with the powder, which will stick to the wax. I just don’t get the shimmer powder…why would you want glittery brows? The label says ‘for a glow finish’, but I just don’t get it.

Moving swiftly onto my two favourites; the Re-Touch Concealers; Brightening and Anti-Dark Circle (R93 each). These are colour-correcting wind-up brush formulas, and the Anti-Dark Circle one is the BEST dark circle concealer I’ve ever tried! Obviously this is on my skin tone (it has a yellow tint), so can’t talk for other shades, but on me, it’s phenomenal. The Brightening (pink/lilac tint) one is also great, but I don’t feel I need it if I’m using the Anti-Dark Circle one.

The eyes are well taken care of, thanks to the Glam & Doll False Lashes Waterproof Mascara (R80) – a complete winner in my books. The skinny plastic brush grabs and coats each lash with ease. And the Glam & Doll Super Black Waterproof Liner (R70) delivers super thin, super black lines every single time.

Lips are treated to the metal matt trend with Liquid Lip Powder (R80) (I have Jenny From The Bronze) that gives the lips an incredible metallic, foiled finish.

If foiled metal isn’t your thing, then have a look at the Ultimate Matt Lipstick in Dramatic Lilatic (R80) that is so matt, it looks like powder, but without being drying on the lips. There are 5 velvety shades to choose from.

But if neither grab you, the Volumizing Lip Balm in Beauty-Full Lips (R90) is a good option. It’s a cooling lip balm with mint extract to hydrate and plump lips. It’s by far my favourite of the lip products.

And finally, the Brown Collection offers us some beautiful bronze nail lacquers for warm summer days. I love Sophisticated Vogue (lighter shade) and Unmistakable Style (R60 each).

Pop down to your nearest Catrice stand now to see their latest launches for summer.