Avene PhysioLift Night Balm and Eye

Last week I wrote a review on Lamelle’s Corrective Hydrating HA Plus serum, and this week I have two more superhero products for you.

I’m on a mission to take exceptional care of my skin this year, so these are going to be a fairly regular occurrence over the next 12 months. If you have nay products you’ d like me to review (obviously for my dry, mid-thirties skin type), please drop me a mail or pop them in the comments section below. But for now I have this duo from French pharmacy brand, Avene. I mentioned both of them in my ‘How to hide fatigue post’, but the deserve their own review, so here you go.

Avene PhysioLift Night Balm (R430 for 30ml)

What they say: Detoxifies the skin and helps to eliminate signs of fatigue, rejuvenating lacklustre skin and leaving it feeling silky soft.

Helps to replenish collagen
Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers
Help smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles and firm the skin.
An antioxidant, boosts the skin’s luminosity. The emulsion also targets dull skin and signs of fatigue.
A Vitamin A derivative, has a rejuvenating effect which helps to stimulate cell renewal for younger looking skin

What I say: This is one of those products where I actually just want to say, “If you want to look younger, fresher and more awake, then just get yourself some”, but I should probably explain a bit more….

I can’t believe what wonderful skincare finds I’ve had over the last few months – it may be that I briefed for anti-fatigue products, and that’s actually what I’ve needed my whole life, but whatever the reason, I’m glad to have found such a complimentary skincare routine.

This balm is just everything you could possibly want from an overnight treatment. It plumps, smoothes, firms and illuminates while you sleep. I have honestly woken up a few mornings looking like I’ve just had a facial. No mother has ever been accused of that, I’m sure. I’m actually aware of how plump and firm my skin is, which is only something I usually experience after a mask or facial, so to get it from a balm is just the dream. If you are an exhausted mother who would like to not look like one (sorry – it can’t make your teething toddler sleep), or are just tired of a dull-looking complexion, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Avene PhysioLift Eyes (R380 for 15ml)

What they say: Smoothes wrinkles and firms the delicate skin around the eye area whilst helping to diminish puffiness and dark circles.

It has a unique “patch” texture which mimics the skin, ensuring excellent absorption of active ingredients all night long.

What I say: This rich eye cream contains the same actives as the Night Balm, and my goodness, it’s incredible! I’ve always used eye creams because it is a problem area of mine (both my parents showed their first signs of aging around their eyes, so I need all the help I can get).

This is one of the best I’ve ever used. I noticed a difference almost from day one, which has only ever happened with one other eye cream, and the one I’ve used for years – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye.

This one is a more grown-up version of that formula, as it contains stronger anti-aging ingredients to really tackle those fine lines. After two months of use, it looks like I’ve had botox or fillers and the area is far less puffy when I wake up. I used to do ice therapy on particularly puffy mornings, but haven’t had to do it once since using this.

I’m in my mid-thirties, so it may take longer for an older skin to see a huge difference, but if any eye cream under R1000 is going to make a difference, it’s this one.