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OWAY is the only way

Natural hair care has come a long way in the last few years. I remember testing an organic shampoo as a beauty intern, and it left my hair revolting, greasy and even dirtier than before I washed it. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

A beautiful natural Italian brand has just hit our shores. OWAY stands for Organic Way and was founded in Bologna in 1948. Those of you interested in where your products are from and how they are manufactured, this brand needs top be on your radar.

The brand prides itself on the use biodynamic, zero-mile, organic and Fair Trade ingredients in their highly concentrated formulations. Their products are packaged in glass and aluminum, which are completely and infinitely reusable and recyclable. All of their formulas are free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, artificial colourants, EDTA, PEGS, PG and EEG.

I’ve been testing the dailyAct Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath (R360) and dailyAct Frequent Use Conditioner (R375) for the last few weeks.

Both formulas contain biodynamic lemon extract to add shine, organic white tea for antioxidant protection and ethically produced Anisata for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Natural shampoo (or hair and scalp bath, as they call it) is always a bit hit and miss for me, as I like my shampoo to foam, even if just a little. This one acts just like a regular shampoo and foams beautifully, leaving the hair soft and shiny.

The conditioner is just as good. It hydrates, detangles and nourishes even colour treated and bleached hair like mine.  My scalp has agree with both, too, which is rare. I often struggle with a sensitive scalp and it gets itchy and dry if I change cleansing routines. This duo has left my scalp healthy and happy, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing them. 

I’ll also be testing out some of their skincare products, so keep an eye out for that review in the next few months.

The brand is currently rolling out to all Sorbet Drybar and Sorbet Man stores. To find your nearest stockist, please call 011 262 2451.

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