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Learn | How to treat maskne

Argh, maskne (acne from wearing a mask). The problem we never thought we’d have, yet here we are. Thanks, 2020.

My skin, especially my chin, hates being under a mask. It’s not because I reuse them – I hot wash and iron them after every single use. My skin just does not like it. I’ve tried different fabrics, thicknesses, designs, and detergents, and there is no difference to speak of.

The blessing is that I (and anyone else) is saved from seeing it because it’s hidden under a mask, and I’ve had months to figure out a routine to keep in fairly well in check.

10 products is more than I’d like to have in my arsenal, but by skin has been so badly behaved, I’ll throw anything at it if it will make a difference.

The biggest hurdle was find a cleanser that helped with the spots, but didn’t dry out my skin, making the situation worse. After many failed attempts, I discovered La Roche Posay Effaclar H Dermo-Soothing Hydrating Cleansing Cream (R270). It was developed for acne-prone skin with an impaired barrier – perfect for my dilemma. It gently foams to cleanse the skin, but leaves it feeling soft and hydrated, rather than tight and dry. I remove it with a microfibre cloth to ensure the skin is perfectly clean. I got this one from Sorbet a while ago, but there are quite a few on the market now.

After my morning cleanse, I give my face a spritz of Thoclor Labs GF2 (R800) to kill any acne-causing bacteria (read ALL about this miracle in a bottle here), and allow it to dry. I always start my routine with a fresh hit of spring water. The one I’ve been using recently is the Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water (R85 – R230) because it contains soothing and calming minerals. I follow this with a few drops of Skin Functional Hydration Juice (R230), a potent combination of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5, to add back any lost moisture and to help repair my barrier. To seal this all in, protect my skin from the sun and get some antioxidant protection, I apply my beloved Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturiser Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF35 (R440). If my skin feels dry throughout the day, I spray on fridge-cold Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist (R395) as it hydrates without leaving any greasy residue.

In the evening, I cleanse again with my La Roche Posay cleanser and apply Thoclor. Once it’s dry, I use Skin Functional Blemish and Pore Spot Therapy (R200) on any problem areas. This is a great product for problematic skin, as the 9% salicylic acid makes light work of spots and blackheads. Then, depending on how my skin feels, I either use retinol, currently in the form of optiphi Active Complexion Control (R1310) or, if it needs a bit more moisture, I opt for the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (R320 – R1200).

If my chin area gets very congested, I use my Environ Roll-CIT (R715 from Sorbet salons) to push the Skin Functional Blemish and Pore Spot Therapy even deeper into my pores.

Phew – it seems like an incredible amount now that I’ve typed it out, but it’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months, and it’s working. 

Is your skin also struggling to be under a mask? What are your tips for keeping it in check?