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Review | optiphi Elements

One of my favourite local skincare brands has just launched Elements, an incredible range for kids and babies.

My daughter, Jools, and I have been testing the range for the last few months, and have we’ve been super-impressed. It’s been fun to be able to properly trial products with her now that she’s old enough to explain exactly what she thinks.

There are 5 products, each specifically developed for the needs of young skin. All of the products are allergen, paraben, sulphate (SLS and SLES), soap, fragrance, colour and petrolatum free, and 4 of the 5 are vegan formulas (the Bum Balm contains organic raw honey).

Let’s start with the Complete Gentle Wash Soap-free Hair and Body Wash (R276 for 150ml). This formula comes in a pump-action bottle so it comes out as a soft foam. Jools loves it because it’s ‘like bubbles, but for your skin’, and I love it because it cleans her skin and hair without leaving either dry. Both feel soft and hydrated when she gets out the bath. The tear-free formula also means that she can go wild without her eyes stinging.

My gold-standard of wash for her is the Mustela Gentle Cleaning Gel, and this is right up there for efficacy and gentleness. The pump also means that the bottle lasts longer than you think it would – aerating it helps to make it go further without compromising on cleaning.

Nurture & Nourish Lotion Soothing & Balancing Moisturizer (R276 for 250ml). This is my favourite product, as it goes on very easily, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the skin sticky – anyone who has tried to dress a child after applying lotion will know what I mean. This one absorbs almost instantly, so you can dress them without their clothes sticking and bunching up. Jools loves it because she is able to apply it herself without spilling or messing half of it on the floor.

Slumber & Sooth Massage Oil with Nourishing Organic Oils (R180 for 50ml). This is an absolutely gorgeous multi-use oil. Obviously, it was designed to help babies sleep, but Jools had been using it on her elbows, nails and her feet (she never wears shoes when we’re at home, so they are tough little hooves). The formula is rich in vitamins to nourish, soothe and repair the skin, while delivering a subtle scent. As it’s a massage oil, it doesn’t absorb quickly, but once it does, you definitely won’t need to tissue off the excess.

Honey Bum Balm Soothing Barrier (R234 for 100ml). This one I can’t give a full review on because Jools had been out of nappies for almost 2 years, but the consistency tells me that it will make a fantastic bum cream. Instead, we’ve been using it as an ‘ouchy’ cream. Raw honey has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so this is the perfect treatment for the daily scrapes, nicks and cuts that kids manage to inflict on themselves. Jools has used this every time she has hurt herself, and she says it works just as well as the ‘other ouchy cream’, which is the optiphi Calm Balm.

Skin Shield Sun Protection SPF50 Soothing Skin Protection (R438 for 50ml). Thank goodness for brands that develop sunscreens for kids. I mean, most adults are averse to them, and I’m sure it’s because of the horrible sticky formulas we used to have to use. Most adult ones have moved past that, but many kids’ ones haven’t. This 100% non-nano zinc formula is lightweight and spreads evenly and easily for a quick application, although be warned – it does come out quite fast, so be mindful when using it. The 50ml bottle means that I’ve only been using it on Jools’ face, rather than her whole body. It has been formulated for very sensitive skins and is waterproof, so it won’t run in eyes. Jools has worn it to the beach, in the pool and the whole day at school without so much as a word of complaint – high praise indeed from a 3-year-old!

The range is available online from the optiphi website here, as well as at selected spas, clinics and doctors.

To celebrate the launch of this wonderful range, I’ve teamed up with optiphi to giveaway an Elements hamper worth R966 to one lucky reader. Head over to my Instagram account to enter.