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News | A belated hello to ARC

Ok, so I’m seriously late to the ARC party, but, basically, if you are in Jozi, Pretoria or CT and haven’t visited an ARC Store, you simply must.

Love this touch.

I think that it’s the ‘injection of newness’ that the South African beauty industry has been waiting for. Skins is a wonderful concept, but many of their brands are very niche and beyond the budget of many South Africans. The big retailers have all tried their hands at beauty halls, with varying degrees of success.

Some local love for the brilliant Afari 🇿🇦

But, until now, I haven’t been in a beauty-dedicated space that feels as welcoming and exciting as ARC. They have a wonderful mix of super luxe, high-end high street and niche brands that will entice and satisfy even the most hard-core beauty addict. Just have a look at their website to see what I mean.