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Did you know that one in four South African women will face cancer during their lifetime?

Scary, but not surprising statistics. Think of how many people you know with cancer. My mum lost a dear friend to cancer just 2 weeks ago. Cancer, more often than not, comes with horrific treatments, side effects and repercussions causing not only physical scarring, but huge emotional upset too. This is why the Look and Feel Better Foundation was formed. The foundation goes into clinics and hospitals where women are fighting cancer, and teach the women how to feel beautiful again, both on the inside and outside.

The foundation will always have a special place in my heart because a few years ago I got a chance to style a shoot with 6 inspiring women from the Foundation who had stared cancer in the face, and told it to sod off. The Rooi Rose team were all very nervous about putting these ladies in front of a camera because we didn’t want to embarrass them in anyway. But after spending just a few minutes with them, we were all left feeling very stupid and ashamed that we had thought that way at all. They were so full of life, thankful, and more than happy to talk about what they had gone through.

The most touching moment I remember was with a lady called Carole (who has sadly since passed away after fighting numerous cancers for over 15 years). The photographer wanted her to wear sandals, but Carole’s treatment had caused her toenails to fall-off. And instead of being shy and ashamed, she told me to paint her toes where her nails used to be because she didn’t want to ‘ruin’ the shot. I still think about her often.

Now what this post is all about is an amazing campaign being run by Environ for the month of July. Environ is a founding sponsor of the Foundation, but are out-doing themselves this year by donating more than R1 million worth of products to the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. The new campaign that is going to help them achieve this goal is called “Unzip Real Beauty” and it’s incredibly simple for you to get involved.


The Unzip Beauty Bag and products
The gorgeous bag

All you have to do is purchase either 2 Ionzyme or 2 Intensive products and you will receive a beautiful “Unzip the Beauty” bag as a token of your participation. And when you make your purchase, (and here’s the best bit) Environ will donate a matching bag containing Environ products to the Look Good Feel Better Foundation for them to give to cancer patients at their workshops.

For your nearest Environ stockist click here. To find-out more about the Look Good Feel Better Foundation have a look over here.


  • Ullricke van Zyl

    Good for you Environ, great to know you support the cancer foundation.. LOVE you for this deed

  • Vivienne Wakeford

    Another brilliant initiative from Environ.

    Keep it up. So much more awareness to be done. You guys are awesome.

  • Margaret Hewson

    As Programme Director of Look Good Feel Better I am deeply grateful to the penominal and deeply valued support of Environ. Their incredible generosity makes it possible for us to reach and make a profound difference to even more very courageous South African woman faced with cancer. Thank you Environ on behalf of over all the patients you have helped to smile.