Empro Black Diamond Liner

Empro Black Diamond Liner, R119

What they say: This smudge-proof and waterproof liner is soft enough to glide on smoothly, but not so soft that it slips right off. The aerodynamic brush with firm bristles allows smooth and controlled application. Just shake and apply!Gentle on eyes. No irritation. More importantly, it lasts the whole day giving depth and character to those beautiful peepers of yours. Empro’s Diamond Black Eyeliner is easy to remove and does not require the use of harsh makeup removers. The ergonomic shape makes the liner easy to hold, fitting conveniently into tiny purses or makeup pouches.Time to let those eyes shine!


What we say: This liner has the tiniest tip I’ve ever seen. I was able to create super thin lines to thick 50s flicks with it. The colour is beautiful, and quite even. I didn’t have to go over the lines repeatedly to get a solid colour. It also didn’t smudge very easily. Only after 7 hours of wear did it start to look a bit tired.

From fine liner to artline

Where I have to disagree is the waterproof part. I wore it on a night out as well, and it just didn’t perform as well as other liners I have (like Maybelline Master Drama). I had to remove it half way through the night.

But this is good if you’re a lazy make-up remover – as it removed easily with my normal cleanser. They’re right in saying that you don’t need make-up remover.

I’ll definitely use this liner again, but only for daytime wear (and not in the height of summer). For stockists click here.


  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Shakti

    I haven’t heard from this brand for years, and I wrote this post over 4 years ago.
    I’m guessing they have left the country, sorry 🙁