ghd Platinum is here

The latest launch from ghd will test the restraint of girls everywhere.

ghd Platinum

There is more to ghd Platinum (R2899) than meets the eye. It’s elegant design and shine boosting (yes, really) properties aside, it also has an ingenious wishbone hinge that will save us from wrist strain and injuries, as well as their patented tri-zone technology that ensures the entire length of the precision plates maintain a constant temperature of 180 degrees. Dr Tim Moore, and his team at Cambridge University discovered that this is the optimum temperature at which to style hair – the key is in how you treat it afterwards.

ghd Platinum

To lock a style in place, you don’t need to scorch it – you need to leave it so that as it cools, the style is kept in shape. Pinning curls up once you’ve run your styler through them will keep them bouncing much longer, for example.

ghd Platinum

This means the styler can reduce hair breakage by over 50%, so no more post-styling guilt trips. Turning up the heat, it turns out, isn’t the key to getting your dream hair.

Dr Moore was also responsible for putting the styler through its paces. It went through 166 000 hours of rigorous testing, including 1 million cycles before its launch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.58.59

And what on earth is a wishbone hinge? It’s just that – it’s a hinge that looks like a wishbone. This shape keeps the plates aligned throughout the whole styling process. Adam Reed, ghd’s Global Brand Ambassador, says “The hinge takes all the effort out of styling as it keeps the hair perfectly in place.”

Other notable features include the 20-second heat-up time and the 30 minutes sleep mode, making your life quicker and safer.

ghd Platinum

There is a great portal for Platinum with how to videos, more product info as well as stockists on their site here.

Oh, and, hot off the press is the Limited Edition Arctic Gold gifting launching for Christmas!

ghd Arctic Gold

ghd Platinum Styler Gift Set, R2999

ghd V Styler Gift Set, R2299

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong and Roll Bag, R2199

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand and Roll Bag, R2199 (read my review here)

ghd Dry and Style Gift Set (Air Professional Dryer, V gold Classic Styler and Heat Mat), R3299

All together now…Oooooooh!