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Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Elizabeth Arden

How many of you wake up feeling rested? Better still, how many of you wake up looking rested? Yah, me neither.

With so few of us getting enough sleep, it’s no wonder brands are spending millions on creating formulas that help the skin to recreate a rested complexion, even when rest is elusive. 

Elizabeth Arden has launched Good Night’s Sleep Restoring Cream (R399), a cream that they say will ‘treat you to a good night’s sleep’. They are obviously referring to your skin because if a face cream could make you get proper sleep, all other brands would just have to close down.

The rich formula was developed to make the most of our resting hours to help the skin regenerate and restore its radiance.

It works in 4 ways:

Boosts hydration thanks to a gorgeous blend of botanicals and moisture boosters.

Strengthens the skin to make it more resilient and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It soothes irritated, sensitive skin with calming actives. With more and more people suffering with sensitive skin, this is so important.

And finally, it relaxes with its aromatic scent of orange, honeysuckle and lavender. It smells like Berry Blast Push Pops (shout out to the other 90s kids) to me, which I quite like. But if you’re sensitive to scent in skincare, then this sadly isn’t for you. As the scent is part of the experience, it is stronger than most skincare.

I use it on nights when I haven’t slept well the night before, or when I go to bed too late to get a decent night’s sleep. I wake up to a fresh, glowing complexion, even when I feel gross inside.